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MAC Cosmetics Progress

26 August 2012

For almost every personal and professional project I work on, I try to make an effort to document its development. So here are a few work-in-progress images of the work I created for MAC Illustrated by MAC Cosmetics!

see project page here

4 Responses to “MAC Cosmetics Progress”

  1. Adam McCabe says:

    This is such a stunning design! I’m in love with the contrast of the pattern and colour on the box exterior. I’m going to buy one just for the artwork! Beautiful work, Nikki :)

  2. carole henricks says:

    Thank you for the wonderful petite bag I purchased a couple weeks ago from MAC in Halifax, Nova Scotia….It’s gorgeous and there are always folks asking me where I got it……hopefully there will be one left so I send it to my daughter-in-law for her Birthday!

    thanks again,