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18 June 2015 - No Comments!

Blog: Nikki Farquharson Films


Although my illustrations can be random, free and expressive, I do like to compartmentalise almost everything I do. With Tumblr being extremely easy and versatile to use, it's a great site to organise my work into simple-to-view blogs. My newest blog is called 'Nikki Farquharson Films', where I shall now upload time-lapse videos that I've started to make of my work. I'm still very much a novice in this area but I hope these little videos will be another interesting insight into how I create my work. And if you fancy seeing me draw in real time, you can follow me on the live stream app, Periscope. Check out my other blogs to see my mixed-media illustrations, my personal photographs and 'Love + Inspiration', the blog where I collate beautiful works by other creatives.

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18 March 2015 - No Comments!

Art I’ve Seen: Human Rights Human Wrongs

TW: some graphic language & imagery

Just over a week ago, my cousin and I had planned to attend the Southbank Centre's WOW Festival but were unable to get tickets on time. It was a lovely (and rare) sunny Saturday and we still wanted to take the opportunity to use that day productively. After searching online for a little while, we decided to visit two exhibitions; 'Human Rights Human Wrongs' at The Photographers' Gallery and 'Staying Power' at the V&A. As usual, I relied on capturing the day with my little iPhone.

Approximately 10 minutes after entering the 'Human Rights Human Wrongs' exhibition, which was already surprisingly crowded, a curator from the gallery entered with many more people to give a detailed tour on what was on display. Initially, my cousin and I found this to be quite inconvenient, until we realised that her group was not exclusive and we were also able to join. Our arrival was actually very well timed because we got the unexpected chance to learn far more information about the images on display, the concept of the exhibition and why it was curated in such a way.

The exhibition focuses on several different inhumane acts that had occurred between 1945 and the early 1990s; including wars, jail breaks, conflicts, racism and colonisation. It forces the viewer to face how cruel humankind has been and also continues to be. We ended up being there for several hours and decided to visit both floors of the exhibition again once the tour was over, as we didn't get to see all the remarkable (albeit occasionally upsetting) photographs in detail, due to the tour group being so large. While doing so, we discussed the many privileges we take for granted today and the many aspects of life we still lack freedom. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to visit the V&A but now we have another exciting and potentially inspiring exhibition to look forward to.

'Human Rights Human Wrongs' @ The Photographers' Gallery

29 October 2014 - No Comments!

Art I’ve Seen: Yayoi Kusama

Considering how much I love art, I really ought to be more proactive when it comes to visiting galleries and exhibitions. However, I only seem to end up going when a friend has found an awesome one for us to attend. Being self-employed (and therefore glued to my desk on most days), I end up satisfying my avidity for art via the wonderful internet. Glossing over how embarrassing and shameful that is, I want to start a series for my blog called 'Art I've Seen', to share the art I've actually ventured out of the house to see. The last exhibition I visited was 'Pumpkins' by Yayoi Kusama at Victoria Miro in September. It's no secret that I adore abstract and patterned artwork so her meticulous and laborious attention to detail in her art really fascinates me. My hasty instagram photos really do not do her work much justice. You can browse my instagram account for exhibitions that I have previously visited; including artists such as Kara Walker and Kehinde Wiley, and stay tuned for more random blog posts in the future.

Yayoi Kusama @ Victoria Miro

21 March 2014 - 4 comments

A Random Got Beautiful Update


After collating hundreds of colourful photos sent to me from scores of people around the world since 2007, I have decided it is the right time to close submissions for Random Got Beautiful. I built Random Got Beautiful eight years ago while studying for my Graphic Design degree at university. At that time, I had developed a fun but time-consuming fixation with finding and viewing the random and spontaneous photographs posted on the portfolio sites of other student designers and illustrators. It was fascinating to me how these momentary and impromptu images captured so much about the lives these creatives lived but also how non-photographers used this medium as another creative outlet. Eventually, I decided to create a place where these pictures could find its way to me. I used the concept of constructing a new context by coordinating images with the same dominant colour as an innovative incentive to get people involved in this playful project. After explaining this concept with a friend at uni, he proposed naming the site Random Got Beautiful; combining the RGB (red, green and blue) colour model term with my then "random is good" motto. With the help and support of many friends, online blogs and print publications (and the good old fashioned word-of-mouth method of course!) the site grew to be more than I expected. I am massively humbled and thankful to all the people who have participated in my little idea over the past eight years. It simply would not of worked without the contributors. Although submissions are now closed, Random Got Beautiful can still be viewed via my portfolio site. Happy browsing!