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20 March 2013 - 2 comments

Progress on a Collaboration


It's crazy how quickly time flies! During the past 12 months, I've worked on several great projects, created my own online mixed-media print store, joined an amazing illustration agency and have been a part of some exciting collaborations. However, doing this much can ultimately have an effect on projects that don't demand immediate results. Having said that, I did want to share the progress of my collaboration with Singapore-based photographer, Scott A. Woodward. It goes without saying that Scott's photography for our project is beautiful and I found them very inspiring for a specific theme that we agreed would work wonderfully. Can you guess what it is? Progress of this project will continue to be documented on Instagram.

6 February 2013 - No Comments!

More Work Development on Instagram

I've started my New Year with a reignited passion for being proactive and creative! You can keep up to date with new and continuous work-in-progress images on the different projects that I am currently working on by following me on the Instagram app or by visiting my online Instagram profile.

18 October 2012 - No Comments!

The Development of Mixed Media Maidens

Mixed Media Maidens is my latest mixed-media project. I wanted to create a fully realised set with the intention to capture the attitude and confidence of each woman. Everything was drawn and coloured by hand while the real imagery was added digitally. Original photography by Anna Victoria Best. These 'Maidens' are available as limited edition prints in my online shop.
see project page here

16 September 2012 - No Comments!

Work Development on Instagram

I've recently realised that Instagram is a great way to regularly document the progress of my work. Please feel free to follow if you'd like a nice and easy way to keep up with what I'm currently creating.