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20 February 2015 - 2 comments

Buy One Maiden Get One Free!

Happy [Belated] New Year! As a mini celebration for me starting a brand new (and slightly provocative) mixed-media, self-portrait series, I have reduced the price of my current Mixed Media Maidens set AND offered a great promotional deal by giving an extra print for FREE with every Maiden that is purchased. To claim your free print with your order, all you have to do is visit my online shop, place at least two prints in your basket and enter the code 'MY241' at the checkout. AND it's still free shipping for all UK orders. It's never been so easy to add some colour to your walls!

You can follow my Instagram account to keep up with the progress of my current mixed-media series at:

Happy Shopping!

1 December 2014 - 4 comments

Dabbling Further with Digital Development

I will be the first to admit that when it comes to producing artwork without a deadline, I'm not the fastest at completing the job. With a general combination of client work, life and a little bit of procrastination too, it feels as though I have been working on this collaborative project with photographer, Scott A. Woodward, for half of my life. Having said that though, I'm very happy to say that it is so close to completion, I can almost taste it now. However, another significant reason why this has taken so long to finish is because I have included more digital elements into this work than I have ever done before. As an illustrator who primarily uses pens and paper, this has been an important development for me as well as a steep learning curve. So I wanted to share just a little bit of how I got on with the digital process.


For those who don't know the history of this collaboration, I was contacted by Scott in 2012, regarding whether I was interested in producing artwork for his photography, as he had seen and liked my mixed-media illustrations. The set of images he wanted us to use inspired me to create a series themed around the classical elements, which Scott later titled 'MYTHOS'. After a few starts, stops and do-overs, I completed the accompanying artwork by hand in 2013, which you can view here. After scanning in the art, it struck me that it would be rather interesting if the final pieces had hints of tiered layers within the background as opposed to them being flat, 2D environments. I quickly shot this suggestion over to Scott and asked for his preference, half hoping that he'd tell me not to bother. He didn't. In fact, he loved the concept. A sweeping "oh crap" feeling passed through me at that point as I felt pretty certain that I would be unable to fully deliver on this idea.


My skills in digital art are extremely basic and minimal because I don't really need much for the work that I create. The moment I realised this idea was going ahead, I could of kicked myself for not thinking of it sooner. If we were going to have several digital layers, I should have drawn on several sheets of paper. I didn't. This meant I needed to cut out multiple layers from the artwork digitally. As 'Earth' was the easiest of the four pieces to cut and layer, I started with that one to test whether I had the technique (and patience) to follow through. I then continued onto the other more tricky illustrations but because of how I had drawn the elements, this meticulous job took me a fair bit of time.


For every illustration, I always do a routine cleanup and colour correction once I scan them in and this can already be quite time-consuming enough depending on its complexity. However, this project also involved a heavy amount of trial and error too. Layering the background for 'Earth' was fairly easy as the pattern in that piece is the most uniformed but 'Fire', 'Water' and especially 'Air' are more fluid and have very little structure. For this reason, I used the Brush Tool to either draw thick red lines or place large black dots as general guides. Next, I would follow these guides by cutting out layers very roughly before redoing them more precisely. Sometimes I would redrew these guides meaning that I ended up cutting out multiple layers over and over again. Once I was satisfied with the tiers, I would then focus on shadowing them; another stage I also ended up doing repeatedly. This did get quite arduous and I'm pretty sure that easier methods exists compared to how I did it but thankfully, I got there in the end.


So at this moment, there's only a little bit more to do before this project is finally complete and ready to be shared. It has been a long journey but it has also been a lot of fun and I've learned many lessons. Taking my artwork in a new direction has encouraged me to continue experimenting as an artist and that is probably the best lesson of them all. Scott and I are very much looking forward to showcasing our collaboration, so please stay tuned as all shall be revealed soon.

see 'ink' stage here
see 'pencil' stage here

22 July 2014 - 4 comments

CA Collection Illustration Annual Progress + Interview

A couple of months ago, I was honoured to be asked by Computer Arts to illustrate the typographic section openers for their 2014 CA Collection Illustration Annual. As I primarily draw and colour my work by hand, I immediately knew that it was a huge task but a challenge I wanted to take on nonetheless. I love creating abstract, typographic artwork but don't have many opportunities to do so. Here, I was given the chance to produce not one but TEN typographic illustrations. Above are just a few WIP shots of this expansive project. A few days into working on this assignment, it was confirmed that I would also be interviewed for the Illustration Annual and a photographer would be sent to shoot me working. As a self-confessed awkward and shy person, this proposition was extremely daunting but I swallowed my reservations and agreed.

As expected, I was completely gawky and weird on the day of the shoot but I did manage to relax and have fun. I created a cute, little faux studio setup at the home of my boyfriend (because my true place of work is far less glamourous!) and even had an extended shoot with him after the real professional photographer had left. The four images above are taken from that playful, amateur session.

It was really lovely to see all the artwork and interview once the Illustration Annual was published. There were a lot of early mornings and late nights needed to complete this project on time but it's always satisfying to know the dedication was worth it when you get results you're happy with. Make sure to grab a copy to see my work and to read the interview in full!

see project

21 March 2014 - 4 comments

A Random Got Beautiful Update

After collating hundreds of colourful photos sent to me from scores of people around the world since 2007, I have decided it is the right time to close submissions for Random Got Beautiful. I built Random Got Beautiful eight years ago while studying for my Graphic Design degree at university. At that time, I had developed a fun but time-consuming fixation with finding and viewing the random and spontaneous photographs posted on the portfolio sites of other student designers and illustrators. It was fascinating to me how these momentary and impromptu images captured so much about the lives these creatives lived but also how non-photographers used this medium as another creative outlet. Eventually, I decided to create a place where these pictures could find its way to me. I used the concept of constructing a new context by coordinating images with the same dominant colour as an innovative incentive to get people involved in this playful project. After explaining this concept with a friend at uni, he proposed naming the site Random Got Beautiful; combining the RGB (red, green and blue) colour model term with my then "random is good" motto. With the help and support of many friends, online blogs and print publications (and the good old fashioned word-of-mouth method of course!) the site grew to be more than I expected. I am massively humbled and thankful to all the people who have participated in my little idea over the past eight years. It simply would not of worked without the contributors. Although submissions are now closed, Random Got Beautiful can still be viewed via my portfolio site. Happy browsing!

13 January 2014 - 6 comments

A New Maidens Offer for the New Year

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a successful start to the year and are still sticking to their 2014 resolutions; big or small. I'm happy to announce that my online shop has reopened and that my Mixed Media Maidens are now only £12 each! Better yet, if you purchase all four Maidens together, you can get £10 (that's over 20%) off your order if you enter the code 'BIGTENOFF' at the checkout. All orders are packed with love and care, shipping for UK orders is still FREE and shipping for International orders is at a discounted price, so there really is no excuse to not grab a print.. or four! Happy shopping!